FixGrill - Single


Measurements: B 61 (80 w handles) D 40 H 26 cm.
Weight: 37 kg.
Material: Grill 5mm steel. Grids in 12mm stainless steel. Handles in stainless steel.
Colour: Matte black heat-resistant.
Price & Delivery time: SEK 8.900 + VAT and shipping. Product in stock, will be shipped within 48 hours from order.

Product sheet SWE
Anchoring options PDF


FixGrill creates a natural and pleasant place for neighbours, friends and new acquaintances to gather around. It fits just as well in the courtyard as in parks, open-air areas, beaches and other open common areas. The grill is designed to handle Swedish weather conditions and the tough treatment that products can be exposed to in public places.

FixGrill is designed by us and manufactured in Småland. It consists of 5mm thick iron plate and a 12mm thick stainless grid that can be raised and lowered but not removed. The robust design also makes barbequing easier, as the powerful grid ensures a nice grill surface and reduces the risk of burning.

We offer several smart, quick and stable anchoring options without having to do any casting, but still achieving the same stability.

With a FixGrill in-place, single-use grills that litter and burn lawns are no longer need. The grill is also approved by the Swedish Building Materials Report (Byggvarubedömningen).

Care instructions

The grills can be used without maintenance, but are easily cleaned before use with a steel brush and the ash shovel that hangs in a chain from the grill (accessory).

Accessories & Anchoring

  • Steel brush: Brush for cleaning the grill, is hung from the grill.

  • Ash shovel: Shovel for removing old ash residue, is hung from the grill.

  • Anchoring: See separate sheet "Anchoring options" (for download below).


  • Grill: SEK 8.900 + VAT.

  • Anchoring Concrete base w. lock: SEK 500 + VAT.

  • Anchoring Three-legged stand or Ground plate (for courtyards): SEK 750 + VAT.

  • Pipe to use for concrete casting: SEK 500 + VAT.

  • Steel brush and ash shovel for permanent mounting on the grill: SEK 500 + VAT.

Assembly and shipping not included