About Elements by Claesson Koivisto Rune

"Our inspiration comes from nature. From such diverse elements as land, sea and living organisms. 
For the architect or planner, the public barbecue grill is a device to furnish outdoor spaces. These spaces are often complex with both buildings and nature to relate to. The barbecue grill needs to be easily furnishable.
By avoiding directional shapes, other elements, like a pathway or a wall, are left unaffected. The only shape without any direction is the circle. The Elements outdoor furniture collection is, therefore, based on the circle. With the circle as a frame, a large degree of variation and flexibility is possible.
Within the circular theme, The Elements designs offer an additional concept of components designed around patterns found in nature. A more, or less, playful pattern may be selected for both grill, table- and seating furniture. Three different patterns have been designed to complement each other. The inspiration comes from leaves, farm fields and shells of scallop.

Barbecues, stools, tables, benches and planters may be arranged in strict formations or freely scattered like wild flowers on a meadow. The barbecue furniture collection suggests arrangements of smaller groups rather than in one centre, even if that is of course possible too. Different patterns readily mix in the same park setting for further variation."

/Claesson Koivisto Rune, 2018

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