Elements Grill

Measurements: Ø 100cm, Height 80cm
Material: All parts in and around the fire on the grill are made of grade 4301 stainless steel, and powder coated with heat resistant paint from Akzo Nobel. All other parts that are not exposed to heat are galvanized and powder coated with the same paint.
Colour : Black, Interpon HT550 from Akzo Nobel 

Price & Delivery time: 8 weeks (at the moment)

Product sheet PDF
Anchoring options PDF

The grill is well thought-out in both function and design. The grid can be folded up on both sides for easier access when several different parties are using the grill at the same time, and the ashes is gathered in a locked and well camouflaged space that is easily emptied, to keep the area around the grill tidy

Care Instructions

The grill can be used without maintenance, but it is easy to clean once in a while with water, soap and a brush. 

Accessories & Anchoring

  • Steel brush: Brush for cleaning the grill, is hung from the grill.

  • Ash shovel: Shovel for removing old ash residue, is hung from the grill.

  • Anchoring: See separate sheet "Anchoring options" (for download below).